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A multi-snapshot (MMA) provides you with important information for process planning and optimization.

definition and implementation

The multi-snapshot method is a sampling technique used to determine the relative frequency of predetermined operations. Short-term observations are made at previously determined workplaces, where the work process currently being carried out by the employee is recorded. Data collection occurs at random times. The data determined provide important insights for work design, process optimization and planning (see point 2). 

Findings and Conclusions

The evaluation shows, among other things, that the employees on the assembly line spend 7% of their working time fetching parts from the picking warehouse.

From this it can be concluded, for example, that the process of material provision should be adjusted.

More Use Cases

determination of

distribution times

Detection of bottlenecks

Potential for process optimization


Multi-snapshots are useful for physically or visually identifiable tasks that recur regularly. Multi-moment analysis is regularly performed in the following industries:

production plants

Enterprises with production of material goods

retail trade

such as B. hardware stores, garden centers or supermarkets


such as B. hotels, hospitals or nursing homes

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