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From planning and implementation to automatic evaluation. We offer you an all-in-one solution

Project creation and configuration

Individual setting options - intuitive project creation - clear management

Clear project management for creating, managing, deleting or copying  your multi-snapshots. 

Accuracy, number of tours, project period, notification before recording. Use our flexible setting options.

Intuitive creation of workstations, process types and shift times for a multi-snapshot tailored to your needs.

Data collection via mobile app

Simple data collection - notification before tour - no special hardware required

The mobile web application enables you to carry out the data collection conveniently on your smartphone.

The user automatically receives a notification before tours. All of today's tours are displayed in the app.

You can optionally make various settings for data acquisition in order to tailor the MMA to your needs.

Automatic evaluation

Clear display - interim evaluation in real time - possibility of Excel export

The evaluation is fully automatic. You have the option of calling up evaluations in real time and seeing the progress of the project.

The evaluation is clearly structured. Evaluations can be made according to workstations and process types.

The integrated Excel export allows you to transfer the raw data to a spreadsheet program.

3 steps to free trial

To win  she  a first impression of MULTISTUDY. If you like, you can  she  easily purchase the full version online.


Visit our web application at


Create and verify your account.  the  Data is fully protected.


You now have the opportunity to create and start your first MMA.

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